Victoria 200

My first hand-drawn map! It was a delight to design and illustrate this trail for Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria's birth. I had so much fun drawing all of the details, especially on the statues. Hopefully many families have had just as much fun exploring the royal trail this summer!

A Bit of Colour

It might be another grey day outside but happily I'm surrounded by colour, busily working on the illustrations for my first picturebook, which is due to be published in the spring. Watch this space for more details!


Logo Design

Here's a logo design that I completed a couple of weeks ago for international photographer Jan Hillnhütter. It was a fun project; Jan was a great client and a pleasure to work with! I've been busy working on a couple of other projects so watch this space to find out more soon...

Getting To Know The Ganglythorpes

I've spent the past few weeks huddled up with my laptop and many cups of coffee working on the text for 'Vernon Ganglythorpe'. So far it's been great fun getting to know the Ganglythorpe family - watch this space for more details soon!

A Surprise Tattoo

I've been busy immersing myself in the world of Vernon Ganglythorpe over the past few weeks, but this morning in a bout of Google Analytics procrastination I had a pleasant surprise...

It turns out that someone in the US turned a neuron illustration that I did a few years ago into a tattoo. I think they did a pretty good job!

A New Logo For My Sis

Yesterday I dabbled in a bit of typography to create a new logo for my twin sis Fran who works as a wedding photographer in Berlin. It was great fun! You can see Fran's beautiful photographs here.

Passport Packed, Portfolio Prepared...

Portfolio and business cards at the ready for Bologna Book Fair next week, where I'll be meeting a few publishers, checking out beautiful books from all around the world and walking until my feet fall off. Exciting!


Cambridge Exhibition

Last night's Private View of our Cambridge exhibition was a great opportunity to bid farewell to Cambridge School of Art and thank our wonderful tutors Martin Salisbury and Pam Smy. With copious free wine and crisps on offer, a good night was had by all!

Childrens Book Illustration MA Exhibition Cambridge School of Art_Ailsa Burrows_01.jpg
Childrens Book Illustration MA Exhibition Cambridge School of Art_Ailsa Burrows_02.jpg
Childrens Book Illustration MA Exhibition Cambridge School of Art_Ailsa Burrows_03.jpg

Ailsa Answers Ania's Eight Questions

This week I took part in Ania Stypulkowski's wonderful blog 'Ania Asks Eight Questions' which probes into the pencil, paint and biscuit-filled minds of illustrators and sheds light on their habits. You can read my answers and check out the rest of her blog here.

Here's the drawing that I did for her of my creative little helpers, based on the idea that we all have 'creative geniuses' to guide us along...

My Creative Little Helpers_Illustration_Ailsa Burrows_Blog.jpg

Taking A Walk

Now that things are finally warming up a little (even if I am still wearing woolly gloves while I work) I thought I'd do a little drawing of a girl and her mum taking a walk on a breezy, sunny day.

Taking A Walk_Illustration_Ailsa Burrows_Blog.jpg